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Vladimir Marton

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Pranking app for android/ios: "Imagine that your friend is attending a meeting. Suddenly, his phone farts! There is an awkward silence in the room and ..."
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Bracket for mounting PC hardware on a wall: "There are a lot of wall computers built by people from around the world but it just seems like a complicated thing to ..."
Computer on a wall
Computer on a wall: "Give it a second to think about how cool it would be if you could place your computer on the wall instead of a floor. ..."
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Uncancellable alarm android/ios app: "How often does it happen to you that you wake up, dismiss your alarm while thinking 'Just 3 more minutes' but those 3 ..."
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Jacuzzi for babies: "Who says babies should not enjoy a jacuzz? A small version of it could be easier and cheaper to make."