Computer on a wall

Give it a second to think about how cool it would be if you could place your computer on the wall instead of a floor. You & everyone around you could watch the beauty of RGB fans, RAMS, motherboard and more. At the same time, you could fix your overheating problems and save yourself a bit of a floor space.

The core of the PC would be a fireproof wooden board. Each components is placed on a piece of acrylic which has a strip under it (five strips in total) and they lie on this board. Each of the strip is individually controlled, which means that there is hundreds of color combinations that you can make.

There will be multiple holes in a rectangular shape in the main board. These will be used as I/O holes for cables. All cables above the main board will be hidden as much as possible - the whole cable management process will be behind the main board, on the side facing the wall.

The computer could have a remote controller to turn it off, on, or reset from distance.

Computer on a wall
Computer on a wall
Computer on a wall
by Vladimir Marton on 2018-06-29 20:08:51
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