Breathable pizza box

So here's the problem - most of the time when I order pizza and it comes after 45 minutes in that classic carton pizza box, it is wet. The crust is wet, the top is wet, even the freaking box is wet... So why not make a pizza box that would solve this issue?

Option #1:

Pizza could be covered in tinfoil so it stays relatively warm but there could be small holes in it and in the pizza box as well so the wet air can get out of the box.

Option #2:

You know silica gel? Those small balls that catch moisture? That would probably not be the best scenario but if it would be physically separated from the pizza.... who knows, maybe...

Option #3:

Rice bags - just make two rows from two sides of the pizza, separated from the pizza with carton wall, but with air ventilation. Rice absorbs wetness just as much as silica gel does so this could also be the case?

I don't know. Just an idea that would be awesome to have. And of course the boxes would be made of recycled material. Go green!

by Arturs Berzins on 2018-06-30 09:42:21
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