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Coffee or tea cup with temperature alarm

Fashion & Lifestyle
The alarm would be controllable and the cup would beep or make other sound when the temperature is ...
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Pranking app for android/ios

Apps & Software
Imagine that your friend is attending a meeting. Suddenly, his phone farts! There is an awkward silence ...
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Bracket for mounting PC hardware on a wall

Technology & Gadgets
There are a lot of wall computers built by people from around the world but it just seems like a complicated ...
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Breathable pizza box

Health & Fitness
So here's the problem - most of the time when I order pizza and it comes after 45 minutes in that ...
1 year ago
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Toaster with remote wifi access

Technology & Gadgets
A toaster that has wifi and can connect to the router. Then on mobile phone you open app and can set ...
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social network for friends

Community & Education
Most of the social networks are about advertising, groups and pages and stuff like that, i miss the ...
1 year ago
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Computer on a wall

Computer on a wall

Technology & Gadgets
Give it a second to think about how cool it would be if you could place your computer on the wall ...
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Uncancellable alarm android/ios app

Apps & Software
How often does it happen to you that you wake up, dismiss your alarm while thinking 'Just 3 more minutes' ...
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Jacuzzi for babies

Apps & Software
Who says babies should not enjoy a jacuzz? A small version of it could be easier and cheaper to make.
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Wristband for notes with connection to screen

Technology & Gadgets
Just the other day I was thinking about how many things I forget to do during the day. Or how many ...
1 year ago
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A fold-able tent

Sports & Hobbies
Like a standard tent, except that all pieces would already be assembled together and folded into one ...
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