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3D food printer

Technology & Gadgets
I insert some minerals, vitamins, etc. and then the printer mixes up the required elements needed to make for instance a slice of bread and then it ...
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USB Adapter for fast USB phone charging

Technology & Gadgets
So far the USB ports have lower voltage (or something) so charging is slower than from usual wall power socket. But if there was some sort of transformer ...
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Tablet with transparent screen like in Avatar

Technology & Gadgets
Roll-able or foldable tablet like in avatar. Just two borders on left and right where camera will be. Of course with touch screen.
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Solar-charged external power source

Technology & Gadgets
Small cube with solar panels on top and sides of it. Lithium battery inside which would get charged by these panels. This would probably be a slow process ...
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Bracket for mounting PC hardware on a wall

Technology & Gadgets
There are a lot of wall computers built by people from around the world but it just seems like a complicated thing to do, including all the manual word, ...
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Toaster with remote wifi access

Technology & Gadgets
A toaster that has wifi and can connect to the router. Then on mobile phone you open app and can set the duration for the roasting and you can start ...
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Computer on a wall

Computer on a wall

Technology & Gadgets
Give it a second to think about how cool it would be if you could place your computer on the wall instead of a floor. You & everyone around you ...
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Wristband for notes with connection to screen

Technology & Gadgets
Just the other day I was thinking about how many things I forget to do during the day. Or how many times it happens that I have an idea and I don't ...
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