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Anti smoking pill

Health & Fitness
The same as with anti alcohol pills. You swallow the pill that releases some substance when nicotine ...
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Watermelon freshness tester

Health & Fitness
Almost half of the time it happens that when buying a large watermelon, its either half-dry from inside, ...
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Tea bag with sugar inside

Fashion & Lifestyle
A very easy thing to do which would make things a lot easier. No need to carry a sugar pot around anymore!
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A brain chip for scientific research

A brain chip for scientific research

Health & Fitness
So this chip would be placed inside a human skull and would be used to track electrical signals and ...
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Book that sums up old books and where to find them

Photography & Arts
so many old books in the world and nobody knows where to find them. this book would put information ...
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App that shows best rated destinations for specific dates

Apps & Software
Often I want to go on holiday but i miss inspiration, I only know when i can go but thats it. It would ...
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3D food printer

Technology & Gadgets
I insert some minerals, vitamins, etc. and then the printer mixes up the required elements needed ...
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USB Adapter for fast USB phone charging

Technology & Gadgets
So far the USB ports have lower voltage (or something) so charging is slower than from usual wall ...
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Tablet with transparent screen like in Avatar

Technology & Gadgets
Roll-able or foldable tablet like in avatar. Just two borders on left and right where camera will ...
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Holographic brain scan as a framed picture

Photography & Arts
It would look like 3D and would be personal and unique. Can be framed or as a poster or painting.
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Alcohol detection in car with engine lock

Cars & Automotive
The car will detect alcohol from human as soon as he/she gets in and blocks starting up the car.
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Solar-charged external power source

Technology & Gadgets
Small cube with solar panels on top and sides of it. Lithium battery inside which would get charged ...
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